An Interactive Culinary Experience

An interactive culinary experience.

Laughter, food, wine and company. A real flat.
What more could you ask for?

A perfect environment to meet new friends.


An Interactive Culinary Experience.

What will you do?

In this workshop I want you to travel with me from the traditional Basque dishes to the modernist techniques of molecular cuisine. We will learn how to make 4 traditional pintxos, upgrading them to get surprising outcomes.

We will explore with the preparation of these 4 pintxos:

  • Modernist Gilda.
  • Slow cooked Cod with pil pil sauce.
  • Smoked steak tar-tar toast.
  • Gatzatua with honey and dried fruits.

We invite you to taste local wine and cheese while you and other participants attend the workshop. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and meet new friends.

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